Why Choose Us..?

Affluence Infosystems Pvt Ltd is Automotive Electronics Company located in Hyderabad,INDIA, established in 2013. It Majorly works on end to end V2X Solutions, WLAN connectivity and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) development.

Our Vision

To be a globally respected OEM in automotive, wireless technologies providing artificial intelligence to a Driverless and autonomous driving Technologies.

Our Mission

Our moto is Quality First, Providing Best Affluent Quality in Products to the World.

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Our Values

We have a good culture and a set of values that expresses our thoughts and guides us in all our activities. Our values set us as part of daily activity.


Our Wave Stack

Affluence’s WAVE Stack is designed to fit any radio module from any vendor ( we are also working on developing our own radio module) as long as the vendors are standards’ compliant. The IP thatAffluence has developed resides in the layers above the wireless communication layer andhence, it is not tightly coupled with any specific radio module. This allows our V2X stack to be adapted more easily to other technologies in the future.


Affluence’s Threat Detection Engine

Complete V2X Solution with WAVE (Wireless Access in Vehicular Environment) Stack and middleware with innovative and complex threat detection algorithms. Providing end to end V2X solutions for Public Safety and Public Utility purpose.