We will provide mainly services below sectors

  1. Wireless Communication
  2. Automotive Communication
  3. Electronic Communication

Wireless Communication:

Wireless communication is the exchange of data or power between at least two points that are not associated by an electrical channel. The most well-known wireless advances utilize radio waves. With radio waves separations can be short, for example, a couple of meters for television or to the extent thousands or even a great many kilometers for profound space radio communications. It envelops different sorts of settled, versatile, and compact applications, including two-way radios, cell phones, individual computerized partners (PDAs), and wireless systems administration. Different cases of uses of radio wireless innovation incorporate GPS units, carport entryway openers, wireless PC mice, consoles and headsets, earphones, radio recipients, satellite TV, communicate TV and cordless phones.

Automotive Communication:

Automotive Communication is are communications in which vehicles and roadside units are the communicating hubs, giving each other data, for example, safety warnings and traffic information. They can be powerful in maintaining a strategic distance from accidents and traffic congestion. The two sorts of hubs are dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) gadgets. DSRC works in 5.9 GHz band with transfer speed of 75 MHz and inexact scope of 1000 m. Vehicular interchanges is generally created as a piece of intelligent transportation systems (ITS).

Electronic Communication:

Electronic Communication means any exchange of signs, signals, composing, pictures, sounds, information, or intelligence of any nature transmitted in entire or to some part by a wire, radio, electromagnetic, photo electronic or photo optical framework that influences interstate or remote business.

  1. Electronic devices and frameworks utilized as a part of the exchange of thoughts and discernment;
  2. Electronic sensors and tangible frameworks utilized as a part of the obtaining of data without semantic impact;
  3. Electronic devices and frameworks expected to enable inviting strengths to work in antagonistic situations and to deny to unfriendly powers the viable utilization of electromagnetic resources.